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An emergency (case) for the ophthalmologist


As an ophthalmologist, I care about the vision and health of my patients, so I would like to share with you important information about symptoms that should definitely be taken seriously, the inevitable trip to the doctor’s office and why this step is so significant.


Which symptoms are serious signs?
Our eyes are precious organs that can sometimes give silent clues to serious problems. Symptoms such as sudden deterioration of vision, severe flickering or flashes in the field of vision, sudden double vision, pain, redness or a sudden increase in “floating dots” in the field of vision should make you sit up and take notice. These signs could indicate acute eye problems that require immediate medical attention.


When is a visit to the doctor’s office unavoidable?
If you notice one or more of the above symptoms, you should not hesitate at all and seek medical advice immediately. Some eye diseases develop rapidly and can cause irreversible damage within a few hours or days if they are not treated. Therefore, avoid self-medication and rely on the expertise of an ophthalmologist.


Why is it worth going to the surgery?
Going to the eye doctor’s office may sometimes seem inconvenient or time-consuming, but it is a significant step towards health and well-being. Only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment for you. Early medical intervention can often prevent more serious complications and preserve your vision.


We also offer a wide range of diagnostic technologies and treatment options to help protect your vision as efficiently and gently as possible.

Your eyes deserve the best care – don’t hesitate to seek our professional help in case of emergencies or concerns.