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Children-first glasses

Children-first glasses

Dr. med. Ken Selde

FMH specialist doctor for ophthalmology and eye surgery

Worthy of care and attention. Defective vision is not a question of age, which is why it is important to have children’s eyes examined at an early stage. Children’s eyes can still learn to see sharply and correctly if provided with suitable visual aids. Glasses are therefore very important for children, in terms of not only their sight but also their development.



Choosing the right glasses for children

Children are mainly farsighted in early childhood. This does not generally require correction as it corrects itself as the child grows. However, your child will require glasses if they have astigmatism, are shortsighted or have misaligned eyes. Buying glasses for children should not be done hastily – the decision to buy should take a few important elements into account. Modern glasses for children are colorful and no longer boring. Most young glasses wearers are very proud of their first visual aids. However, your child should definitely be involved in the decision. Discuss with them the benefits of one model over another and which suits your child better. The child should under no circumstances feel that they are having a choice imposed on them.


Different materials perfectly designed for children

Children like to move about and play. If the fit is perfect, the frames will not slip. Nothing is more annoying for active children at play. The arms should not sit too loosely against the sides of the temples; ideally, they should fit tightly but not cut in. It goes without saying that the frames should not touch the cheek and leave pressure marks. Children’s glasses must be made from durable material. Frames made from TITANflex are particularly robust. This is an extremely flexible material which retains its original shape well, even in particularly boisterous play. However, they are still not indestructible.


If your child suffers from a nickel allergy, this should be taken into account when choosing frames. Titanium children’s glasses are the first choice for allergy sufferers. Another option is frames made entirely from natural horn, but these are more expensive than titanium models. As I am only an ophthalmologist and not an optician, this article was written with the help of D. Bender.


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