Speech disorder and Color blindness

Detecting color blindness early in children

In the case of a language problem like dyslexia or a problem with reading, the child’s vision should also be tested in the scope of a comprehensive clarification.


The clarification of the eyes in the case of language problems encompasses a vision test, correction measurement with drops, exclusion of strabismus and examination of the eyes with a special microscope, a so-called slit lamp. All of these tests are completely pain-free, even for children.


The most frequent dyschromatopsia is the red-green colorblindness. If the child has trouble differentiating between different colored pencils or picks green strawberries instead of red ones in the garden, this can point to colorblindness. An examination by the eye doctor brings clarity into this situation. Depending on the age of your child, different tests are used. In most cases, a test with simple image plates is sufficient.


Colorblindness is neither remediable nor a serious weakness. Nevertheless, consideration should be given to a later choice of profession.


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