Detect and treat strabismus early

Strabismus is the constant or recurring misalignment of one or both eyes. Normally, both eyes are aligned toward the same point and the two images are merged into a complete picture in the brain. Only in this way is it possible to see three-dimensionally.


One differentiates between one-sided and alternating strabismus. In addition, the strabismus can present constantly or be nearly hidden.


How is strabismus detected?
In the case of greater deviation from the normal eye position, strabismus is usually easy for parents to detect. By contrast, smaller strabismus angles are difficult to detect. Nystagmus (involuntary eye movements), holding the head at an angle, clumsy behavior, frequent blinking, light sensitivity and not liking to read can point to a misalignment of the eyes. If you suspect a problem, you should absolutely arrange an exam by the ophthalmologist.


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