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Detecting eye diseases at an early stage

Detecting eye diseases at an early stage

Dr. med. Ken Selde

FMH specialist doctor for ophthalmology and eye surgery

Your right eye has a reddish discoloration? It’s probably due to the dry air. Does such a scenario sound familiar to you? Many of us have already independently determined the origin of a symptom. However, estimations by laymen can have serious consequences. Read the following article to find out why specialist medical advice is essential.


The eyes are considered our most important sensory organ, as they are the most important information channel for most people. On average, over 80% of all environmental stimuli are perceived through the eyes. They are also responsible for storing memories in the form of images and provide orientation in everyday life. A life without visual perception is unimaginable for many, and consequently eye health enjoys a high priority. It is therefore all the more important that visual disorders and eye diseases are detected at an early stage.



Estimation of symptoms

So how can eye diseases be detected at an early stage? Our eyes are developmentally considered to be very robust organs because they are located on the surface of the body and, unlike internal organs, are not protected by bone and functional fat. Therefore, especially in the case of serious eye diseases, the reporting systems may be late or subtle. If reddish inflammations occur in the eye area or if vision is affected, we strongly recommend visiting an ophthalmologist.

In general, vision is considered a reliable indicator. In case of slow and also sudden changes, an ophthalmologist’s opinion should always be sought. The causes can be of age-related origin, but a serious disease cannot be ruled out. Sometimes very painful and prompt symptoms affecting the eyelids may simply be a conjunctival infection or a stye. Of course, we always recommend consultation and treatment by a specialist.


Personal recommendation

As you can now recognize, an evaluation of the numerous symptoms is complex and almost impossible for laypersons. In our practice, you will receive a reliable diagnosis that provides clarity and prevents serious consequences.

You can make an appointment for an initial consultation with me here. We are also happy to help you with acute appointments as well as emergencies. Waiting times are rare with us, as you can get consultation by two specialists during the week. We are your competent ophthalmologist in Zurich and look forward to your visit.