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Do not fear the ophthalmologist

Many people feel uneasy at the thought of a visit to the ophthalmologist. This fear is often unfounded and can be overcome with knowledge and understanding. Our practice in Zurich takes such concerns seriously and is trained to offer professional support.  


Fear of the ophthalmologist can have a variety of causes. Some are afraid of the diagnosis, others of potentially painful procedures. But the reality is often different. Modern ophthalmology is advanced and most examinations are completely painless.  


Why there is no reason to be afraid 
In our practice, we attach great importance to making our patients feel comfortable and safe. Most ophthalmological examinations today are painless. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, even more complex procedures such as Lasik surgery or the treatment of diseases such as cataracts are virtually painless.  


Preparation and communication help 
Good preparation can significantly reduce anxiety. Find out about the procedures in advance and talk openly about your concerns. A trusting relationship with your ophthalmologist is crucial to reducing anxiety. We also offer comprehensive consultations at our practice to clarify any questions and concerns our patients may have in advance.  


The role of regular eye examinations 
Regular eye examinations are essential in order to recognise and treat eye diseases at an early stage. Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, develop gradually and are often symptom-free in the early stages. It is therefore important to attend regular check-ups. 


The fear of visiting an ophthalmologist is often unfounded. These fears can be effectively overcome through targeted information, the use of the latest pain-free treatment methods and open communication. At our practice at Bellevue in Zurich, we are always on hand to support you and ensure your eye health.