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Dr. Google and his pitfalls

Dr. Google and his pitfalls

Dr. med. Ken Selde

FMH specialist doctor for ophthalmology and eye surgery

In the age of Google and Co, too much trust is often placed in these search engines. If we suffer from health problems, we reflexively reach for our smartphone. Why a doctor can never be replaced by an automatism of the Internet, you will learn in this blog post.


Almost everyone has done it or is still doing it: we feel ill or unwell, reach for our smartphone and type the symptoms we don’t know into Google or similar search engines. One can almost speak of a reflexive routine. Often, so much belief is given to the advice and diagnoses of the Internet that doctors’ offices serve only as confirmation of what we have already read or as prescription suppliers.


Dr. Google und seine Tücken


The consequences of a wrong diagnosis

So what if the patient has received an incorrect diagnosis online? On the one hand, it means additional expenditure of time for the doctor, because the incorrect image that has taken root in the patient’s mind has to be corrected. On the other hand, unfortunately, it can also split the trust between the specialist and the layperson, because Dr. Google has also taken up residence in the treatment room.


The advantages of medical treatment

So why should you put Dr. Google on the doorstep? Your health care professional arrives at a diagnosis based on individualized and complex examinations. The professional knows your medical history and can therefore assess the overall picture of the situation. The perception, acumen and judgment of a trained professional can and should never be replaced by an automatism of the Internet. The professionalism that a doctor possesses therefore plays a crucial role and ensures that you can leave the treatment room with a good feeling.


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