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Eye damage


Damaged eyes from daily computer work. Myth or reality?

This is without doubt a topic which repeatedly seeks to polarize opinion throughout the media. Why? On the one hand because the word “damage” is a strong yet broad term, and on the other because from a scientific perspective, the full details do not appear to be known. The effects of electrosmog are currently measured using a variety of physical parameters. There are reference and limit values used in laboratory testing, empirical values, but also politically decoupled or questionably motivated trends, and case law being fought over in court. All in all, it should be noted that work with computers is the safest it has ever been since the beginning of the computer age. The risks posed by traffic or by participation in many sports are unquestionably many times higher.



We offer the following tips to anyone experiencing problems when working with a PC:

  • Have your current diopter, the refractive power of your eyes, regularly checked to prevent headaches and vision problems.
  • Take regular short breaks from the PC to allow your inner eye muscles to rest. After all, you wouldn’t carry a full shopping bag around all day long.
  • If you use visual aids such as glasses, have them checked regularly by your ophthalmologist, with you measuring your working distance (distance in cm between your eyes and the screen) in advance.


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