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What can I do about eye fatigue?

More and more people are affected by eye fatigue in their everyday life. But why?


Fatigue is an expression of the fact that the eye has difficulty in performing its functions. This causes symptoms such as headaches, concentration problems and tiredness. In this blog I want to show you the most common causes and tips for relieving these symptoms.


  • Concentration: If your eyes have to focus at the same distance for several hours, they get tired. This can be the case, for example, when reading a book or working at screens. The solution? Take regular breaks, allowing your eyes to relax. I also recommend that you adjust your screen to be more friendly on the eyes and reduce the blue light. Modern Smartphones and computers offer the possibility to reduce or switch off the blue light via night mode.
  • External conditions: Whether extreme sunlight, low humidity in rooms or smoke pollution from fire – conditions such as these can be very stressful for the eyes. Avoid these influences so that your eyes can recover.
  • Improperly corrected glasses or contact lenses: Eye fatigue is often a sign that the correction of the visual aid is no longer appropriate. At our practice we solve this problem almost daily.




If these recommendations do not help you, I recommend that you visit an ophthalmologist, who will get to the bottom of the causes and treat the problems systematically. Do not hesitate to contact us under +41 44 261 70 10 or info@augencenter-selde.ch. We are happy to help!