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Medical screening and treatment of children


Perfect seeing is learned until the age of 8 years only

In order to understand the scope and significance of seeing in early childhood development, you, as a parent, need to know that the perfect vision of each person is and can only be gained or can only be gained by the age of 7 or 8 years. All later efforts, even if they are elaborate, are unfortunately in vain. During this life phase, children not only develop optimal visual acuity, the brain’s visual centre also has to learn how to interpret the perceived pixel resolution as a spatial 3D image.


The standard examinations by paediatricians can only detect general indications of the child’s sensory development such as hearing, smelling, speaking, feeling and also seeing in a playful manner. The quality of such examinations also depends on a host of other circumstances, such as the child’s mood and state of mind on the specific day, the doctor’s motivation and the external influences of the doctor’s room during the examination.


Medical screening and treatment of children


Once a year to the ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologist, however, deals exclusively with the visual status of your child. The smallest abnormalities, such as e.g. hidden squinting or asymmetry of the eyelids, are recognised by the specialist or clarified by careful follow-up checks, in order to for example diagnose an amblyopia (unilateral visual impairment) and to start targeted countermeasures. It is therefore recommended that parents take their children once a year until the age of 8 years, even if there are no signs of impairment, to an ophthalmologist who offers consultation hours for paediatric patients and is prepared to accommodate paediatric patients. The doctor’s website should specifically indicate the treatment available for paediatric patients. Keyword: motivation of the ophthalmologist and the MPA staff.


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