Cataract Surgery

Pain-free and effective – OP methods for cataracts

Sadly, it is not possible to treat cataracts with medication. Thus, cataracts are one of the diseases treated most frequently with surgery. In our office, we perform cataract operations. Our goal is to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a high-tech artificial lens. The new lens has the refractive power that you want.


We carry out all operations on an outpatient basis, completely pain-free and with constant monitoring by the anesthetist. If you so desire, we also offer you the intervention as an inpatient procedure with general anesthetic.


Let us inform you about the cataract surgery with your myriad options and opportunities, from standard cataract OPs to highly specialized cataract OPs with e.g., bifocal or trifocal Zeiss® lens implants for a post-operative spectacle independence.


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