Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery in Zurich – with modern procedures and the latest laser technologies

Laser technology is now an essential part of modern ophthalmology. It has already saved the eyesight of countless numbers of people.


AugenCenter Dr. Selde also treats glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, secondary cataracts or refractive surgery (spectacle-free vision) with the latest laser technologies. At our clinic in Zurich, we use argon lasers, YAG lasers, laser-mediated photodynamic therapy and excimer lasers for our treatments. We can treat you extremely effectively with these precision technologies.


Painless, non-contact laser eye surgery or “spectacle-free vision laser surgery” with quick results
Laser eye surgery is almost magical compared with other methods. Because the procedure doesn’t last long, is totally painless and achieves an effective result quickly. Various methods can be used, with the transPRK or LASIK method being the most frequently deployed.


This is how a treatment works with us
The quality and method of the laser treatment is our main consideration. At the first appointment we evaluate which type of treatment is best suited to you and establish the budget at your disposal. Finally, we explain step by step how the treatment is carried out and answer any questions you may have. This prepares you well for your laser eye surgery, which is carried out at the second appointment. Shortly after treatment, the results are examined in detail and your visual acuity is tested. Naturally, our team is also there for you after the intervention should unwanted symptoms appear.


The health of your eyes is of prime importance to us

Would you like to have laser treatment for your eyes in Zurich? Then you’ve come to the right address with us. We personally ensure that you feel entirely comfortable during your consultation and treatment at our Bellevue clinic. We endeavour to fulfil your own personal wishes. Over 30 years of experience, extensive expertise and the most modern technologies lead to visible results.


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