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Paediatric ophthalmology

Ophthalmology refers to the “medical eye treatment”. The ophthalmologist is the practitioner carrying out the procedures, and paediatric ophthalmology is a special field of ophthalmology for the treatment of children.


Meaning and treatment fields

In addition to the treatment of visual problems, which can be treated with visual aids (glasses, contact lenses) or surgical visual corrections, the three other main ophthalmologist treatments are cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration (central retinal degeneration). The medical screenings of the ophthalmologist focus on these four fields, which we of course offer in the form of examinations, treatments and, if necessary, surgical procedures.


The medical screenings take place during specific intervals, depending on the patient’s age and family history of any eye disease. Therefore, recommendations for prevention must almost always be made for a patient individually.


Paediatric opthalmology


Our service

Therefore, we recommend that you visit us in our practice to assess your child’s ocular health in detail. In addition to the classical treatments mentioned above, we also offer the treatment of infections, autoimmune diseases, acupuncture for eye treatments, analysis of drug side effects, assistance with organizing eyesight tests for public authorities (e.g. the Road Traffic Office, etc.) and much more.


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