Eye protection · Overview

Summer and its risks


The hidden hazards

In summer, our outdoor activities become more varied and unrestricted than in winter. However, this factor poses several hazards. Sources of danger are sunlight, ozone gases, chlorinated water, and algae pollution in freshwater and saltwater lakes.


These two organs need particular protection

Excessive sunlight is particularly harmful for two organs of the eye: the cornea and the retina. The cornea is affected in acute sunburn, which takes hours to set in and is accompanied by unpleasant pain including epiphora, which in turn attacks the top protective epithelial layer, the regeneration of which takes almost 48 hours.


The retina can also be affected because accumulated damage caused by excessive light over years can lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and central blindness. Incidentally, this is the third leading cause of blindness in old age worldwide.




Protection can be so simple

High quality, 100% absorbing UV-A and UV-B lenses are sufficient to protect the cornea. According to current knowledge, the optician should add a blue block filter to the lenses for retinal protection and from middle age. This is how you successfully protect yourself from AMD at a later stage. Of course, you should never forget to protect your facial skin with creams and a head covering.


Help against ozone gases and chlorine

Ozone gases adhere particularly strongly to moist surfaces such as the tear film on the eye. These gases are irritating and can reduce the eye’s natural protection from the environment. In the worst case, germs can enter and infect the eye. Abundant rinsing with water immediately after contact is most effective.
In addition, chlorine in swimming pool water and seawater soften the protective epithelium of the corneal surface. This leads to oedemas and chemical irritation. Rinsing your eyes with plenty of tap water will also help in this case. Medication is rarely required.


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