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Taking your baby to the ophthalmologist


Harmless eye phenomena

As babies only perceive very blurry pictures during the first hours of their life with visual acuity developing initially for close range vision and after the first 6 months gradually also for the distance, including the entire development of depth vision and spatial vision, many eye phenomena in newborns and subsequently in babies can be confusing for parents. Also, eye deformities and uneven red reflections of the pupils might be unsettling when looking at pictures. But this can be normal.


Serious eye phenomena

Only permanent, non-parallel eye malpositions, a one-sided white reflex in the pupillary centre or deposits in or on the eye surface for weeks, are a reason for an ophthalmologist’s consultation. This also includes persistent head tilting or an abnormal holding of the head. Watery eyes on both sides, also over weeks, are often normal, however, if this only occurs on one side, it might not be normal. A consultation with an ophthalmologist will allow clarity.


Taking your baby to the ophthalmologist


In case of emergancy

Injuries on one side of the corneal surface can happen quite often when playing and are the cause for sudden, persistent watering eyes. If this does not stop within 24 hours, an ophthalmologist should be consulted on an emergency basis. If, during play, external liquids enter a baby’s eyes, especially cleaning fluids, the eye must be immediately flushed with lots of tap water or drinking water for a long time. Protesting by the child is to be expected. With babies any sudden emergencies should be examined immediately at an ophthalmologist’s practice without the need for an appointment and without any complications. We offer this in our practice. As a rule, the phone does not replace a physical presentation of your little one.


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