Eye laser · Overview

What to consider before laser eye surgery


Does the health insurance cover part of the laser treatment? How severe will the pain be after the operation? Patients ask themselves these questions before they decide to undergo laser treatment. Here I summarize the most important information in brief.


What types of treatments are available?

The choice of the type of surgery can only be determined in a patient-oriented manner in an individual consultation. Whether laser correction, a complete replacement of the lens or a combination of two methods: the best approach is decided after analyzing the patient’s condition at the start. Younger individuals with moderate dioptric errors of approximately -6 to +3 prefer laser correction through the cornea. The older the patient, the more presbyopia plays a decisive role. In this case, a lens exchange is considered. Regardless of which procedure is used, corneal curvatures can be corrected today with any procedure.

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Pain and restrictions during and after the treatment

In principle, you should not feel pain during any operation. There are laser procedures that can cause tearing and a foreign body sensation about 48h postoperatively. These in turn have other advantages, which will be explained in more detail during a consultation.


After each treatment, light sensitivity (photophobia) occurs. Depending on the surgical method, the sensitivity may be stronger or milder, but it will pass.


Laser eye surgery and pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding change the level of water and the metabolism of all body tissues. Therefore, surgical vision correction or its goal is unpredictable and laser eye surgery is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



The treatment costs are probably not covered by the health insurance. Inform yourself in advance at your health insurance.


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